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I have been working in the building industry for more than 40years.
"Plywood is the BEST timber to make a dog kennel with".
(Jim Kendall)

Made to Last

All kennels made with 12mm structural a-bond plywood. This is the plywood used for outside and building. A permanent waterproof A-bond glue is used, the same glue that is used in marine ply. Plywood is made of 5 sheets of ply glued together with marine glue.

Suited for Comfort

Timber is one of the best natural insulators, warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Plywood is used instead of plain wood because of its resistance to cracking, shrinking, splitting, and twisting/warping, and its general high degree of strength. The way the kennels are constructed the plywood won't cup, bow, warp or twist. Kennels come raw, BUT look great in marine varnish (decking oil), or can also be painted.

Painting is recommended for maximum life.

Plywood Facts

Plywood layers (called veneers) are glued together with adjacent plies having their grain at right angles to each other. Cross-graining has several important benefits: it reduces the tendency of wood to split when nailed at the edges, it reduces expansion and shrinkage equating to improved dimensional stability, and it makes the strength of the panel consistent across both directions. There are usually an odd number of plies so that the sheet is balanced—this reduces warping. Because of the way plywood is bonded (with grains running against one another and with an odd number of composite parts) it is very hard to bend.


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