Medium Dog Kennel

Price only $149.00*

Ideal for middle size dogs eg. Jack Russell or 2 small dogs. The medium dog kennel is a popular design as it is simple, spacious and sturdy. The waterproof plywood rooftop protects your pet from the sun and cold weather. The rooftop can be opened and is supported by hinges for easy access.


  • Pitched hinged roof
  • Zinc aluminum ridge capping 100% waterproof
  • Offset doorway
  • Doorways have metal capping around to prevent dog chewing
  • Solid timber floor
  • Screwed together with zinc plated screws for extra strength
  • Roof has a large overhang
  • Supplied in Flat Pack or Assembled
  • Raised up on treated pine bearers for strength and air flow


(please measure vehicle before pick up)

Height Width Depth Roof Door Size
680mm 570mm 770mm 900mm Width: 340mm and Height: 420mm

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Contact us for custom sizing. Painting or sealing is essential for maximum life.

100% Australian made.

Medium Kennel


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